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Not just another production company

Baker Brothers Studios is led by a dynamic duo of brothers focused on creating short form content which is easy to consume and lives online through social media campaigns and other digital publications that promotes a company’s products and services. 

Gone are the days of using stock photos and videos to make engaging content that speaks to your audience. Thus, the content we create is aimed at increasing your brands awareness and promote it’s products as well as build better engagement with your audiences that leaves that  lasting impression, not just another “like.”

2020 and beyond


The start of our dream of owning a production company


Sean just started as a professional photographers and set out to target the wedding scene, as well as a number of other established markets.


Timmy bought his first camera and realised the potential of being able to tell visual stories


There is a gap in the market for high quality professional production services. TImmy still working a full time corporate job, we founded BBS.


We aim to raise and define the standards at which production companies offer value in the supply chain for content marketing partners.


Traditionally film and photo has been out of reach for small to medium businesses because it has been known to be expensive and complicated. The Baker Brother Studios aim to provide access of affordable, professional and high quality production services to companies of any size so they can take advantage of digital contents massive upsides and increase the brands value.


In support of our vision we have established a strong service portfolio that allow us to be flexible for a range of production scenarios focused on growing a brands reach, promoting their products or building awareness through the use of visual content creation. 

We further aim to support clients who just need a bit of editing completed or just needs a professional camera person with the right experience to capture the RAW footage so that they could do the editing.

Also we empower our future clients, marketing agencies and keen creators with our workshops and tutorials, as well as the behind the scenes coverage aimed to teach you new film/photo techniques plus how-to use the right tools to accomplish your production goals while keeping your budget in control. 

It’s our mission to be compared to the highest standards out there, and hope to set a few of those ourselves.


Our goals are to build the business on quality over quantity with a few strong clients. Our success with clients can be contributed to how we build a healthy, supportive and inspiring relationship, which ensures we unlock the true value of our partnership with common objectives and goals for us to achieve together. 



Photographer | DoP | Public Speaker | Teacher

My interest in photography started in the US in the late 90’s while living in Chicago studying black and white photography. I developed an interest in disposable 35mm Kodak cameras before progressing to my first SLR.  Capturing individual moments evokes different emotions for different people and for that reason I love capturing beautiful, romantic moments.”

Sean is passionate about what he does. This is evident after just a few minutes spent talking to him about photography. He also teaches photography and mentors startups through his involvement with the brands for whom he is an ambassador.

As your photographer Sean will supply you priceless keepsake that will last a lifetime. He sees himself not just as a person who takes pretty pictures but an artist and a story teller.  With his knowledge he can mentor and guide you. 

“It’s not just about the images I take but rather my ability to capture the entire experience from the moment you first make contact to paging through your albums and re-living the moments of your story time and time again.”


Videographer | Writer | DoP | Public Speaker

The start of my dream was happening even if I did not know it at the time.

My family lived in America for eight years. We moved there May of 1998, Sean and I did not have a great younger brother to older brother relationship. He was a teenager and I guess I was was the annoying younger brother, typical brotherly love.

It started for me about 2001 when Jack Johnson first big hit with the song “Flake.” Been playing guitar for about a year or two by this stage of my life and with this new song a CD was purchased, then played on repeat!

One year later and another piece of the puzzle comes together.

In 2002, Jack and some of his friends released a surf film called “September Sessions” which really inspired me musically and from the film perspective. It was also about the time that Sean and I became much closer and had more common interests. The movie was something we both related with having grown up surfing in a small coastal town in the Western Cape, plus the music was something we started bonding over as well.

A couple of years later Sean was in college and did a photography course that he really took an interest too. I would often need to be his muse or we went on missions together for his assignments due in class. On these adventures we would spoke about how cool it would to one day produce our own films and music for it too as well as take photos of the adventures. 

I think we both probably thought it was a joke more so back then, but the seed was had been planted.

We worked very closely together from there on, first as carpenters and when we moved back to South Africa we ran a part of our family business doing exports and imports with marketing as well as studied through long distance learning for a diploma of Import/Export Marketing Management.

Big changes were happening for us that took us in different directions.

Shifting dynamics in the economy and other things meant we parted ways with the business and exploring different things. Sean started full time photography a short while later while I joined a large IT distribution company as a business development manager and later an enterprise solutions architect specializing in datacenter infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

A few short years back a colleague of mine introduced me to some short form content online and it blew my mind what people where creating and how accessible this was to now learn as well as own proper camera gear that can achieve that artistic vision and be a high quality production. 

Was this really taking over my life?

Being technical I got super involved and started to learn, practice, make mistakes, learn and repeat. I genuinely got excited to wake up and see what new challenges come with the next shot. It’s really the perfect blend of forever learning, technology, people interactions and their stories all mixed together that create the perfect “day-to-day” job for me.

Since both our proficiencies have come a very long way since 2001, Sean and I did some research and came to the conclusion there was a gap in the market to offer our services. Not to mention our dynamit ability of working together, I swear we read each other’s minds, but we are super excited that we are able to join back together again as well as finally start that company we “joked” about way back then.

And so kids… Me that is how the Baker Brothers Studios was born.